This Author is left to wonder if she ought to have shared an easy-to-use ovulation calendar with London’s many marriage-minded misses?

Dearest Reader,

Of all the scandalous secrets this author has shared with you — the shocking secret of Miss Marina Thompson’s sham engagement to Colin Bridgerton, the sordid secret of Lord Berbooke’s love child, the shameful, DELICIOUS secret of the Featheringtons’ fall from grace — it would appear that I…


“Somebody order a pizza — with extra sausage?” “JUST LEAVE IT BY THE DOOR!”

Pizza Delivery

DELIVERY BOY: Did somebody order a pizza — with extra sausage?

WOMAN: (Calling through door) JUST LEAVE IT BY THE DOOR, PLEASE!

She opens door, retrieves pizza, places pizza on floor, stares at hands, washes hands, Clorox-wipes entire pizza box, washes hands again.

WOMAN: Hey, Siri… how do you wash…

Dan Ryan

Humor in @littleoldlady__, @PointsinCase, @WeeklyHumorist, @RobotButt, @Slackjaw.

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